The Lion and the Mouse.

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Listen to each sentence then repeat aloud. Several times. If there are too many words you don't understand, click the flag for a translated version. Then check your understanding and increase (or reinforce) your vocabulary by testing yourself with the quiz below. Also

#1 Shadowing exercise
#2 One way of memorizing fables and short stories
#3 Pronunciation Point:

Stress, intonation, feeling and pauses in Storytelling
Chủ đề hôm nay: Lòng tốt Điểm phát âm: Stress, ngữ điệu và cảm giác trong kể chuyện
今日の話題:優しさ 発音ポイント:ストーリーテリングにおけるストレス、イントネーション、フィーリング

How to learn, memorize and fluently recall a story.

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One way of memorizing fables and short stories



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