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Hello and welcome to AGGA. The Anti-Grammar Grammar Approach to learning English



Kill some time playing Killtime and a big hello and welcome to AGGA. The Anti-Grammar Grammar Approach to learning English



Bad Grammar Invaders ie BGIs threaten your town with some grammar that is so bad you have to correct it. If you don't you will pay the consequences.




Train your automatic response mechanisms for some of the simplest English constructions. Be so quick,


Cick on the images to play.




Arty English is a free language training app designed to improve English fluency. Aimed at anyone aged 17+ and learning English from an Advanced Beginner to Elementary level, it has 200+ questions or statements with only one correct answer. Learn grammar organically and how to use many commonly used and high frequency English structures.

The app directs learner's attention towards English Fluency and Automatic Recognition and Response Mechanisms to produce both correct and natural English from from quite easy to a little difficult. There are two modes providing essential practice that will enable you to use common everyday expressions effectively and with confidence. Learners at higher levels will also find it useful.


The first mode, a quiz format containing several question types, is a training session focusing on Automatic Response Training through combinations of Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic Learning Styles:
Listen/Listen skills;
and multiple choice formats:
Correct or Incorrect;
matching Qs & As;
Drag & Drop;
Fill in the blanks;
sound/sound matching
Picture/ Sound Matching

In the second mode the real fun starts- dangerous fun: a retro style game in which you save the world from Bad Grammar Alienz. Engage in ten battles with the evil BaGralZ whose main linguistic deficiency is speaking without prepositions. Arghhh!! Can you do better? You’re going to need to if you want to get a better score on those IELTS and TOIEC exams.

More Automatic Response Training above and below in the
Battle of a Hundred Lifetimes.

Defeat the BaGraalz (Bad Grammar Alienz). They plan to take over the earth.
Can you prevent them from doing so with your far superior grammar?

Level #1 (ONLY on desktop!!!) is here.

Get the full game at:






Under development
The Anti-Grammar
Grammar Approach
Beating the Hanoi traffic
Learning English
at the same time
















Click on image for Fluency and Memory Training Exercises. (English with Vietnamese translation)




















Mini Modules

Memorizing Sounds

Memorizing Words

Memorizing short sentences

Memorizing longer sentences








Hello and welcome to AGGA. The Anti-Grammar Grammar Approach to learning English







Listening to Questions & Sample Answers and repeating

Sample #1 @ Have you Ever Planted Rice
Sample #2 @Vietnamese History
Sample #3 @Japanese History



Build your own Dialogue

Listening to Questions & Sample Answers; thinking and creating your own answers; recording the dialogues

Build your own Monologue











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